Hi there, and welcome to Small Joys!

Hello! I'm so glad you've decided to join me as we explore the power of small joys.

What is a small joy?

Small joys, or les petits joies, are exactly what they sound like: a friend's laugh, the feeling of sunshine on your face, the smell of your favorite perfume or candle. They are those little things that are quickly taken for granted in the hustle and bustle of daily life, but that keep us going through our toughest times.

Why talk about it? Why start a blog?

I mean... why not? There are all sorts of podcasts and shows that deep dive into the things that make up our lives, that fill up our days with good memories and smiles. Small Joys is about how the tiniest things can have the biggest impact. Where I live, the culture is very much focused on outrage, and allowing those small outrages to run your life and your mindset. I like to focus on the opposite, and let that inform my views and how I receive information. Hopefully, me sharing about it every so often will help you find the small joys in your life.

Cool! Do I need to do anything to get notified about your posts?

Just sign up for notifications on the homepage. I'm so excited to have you along!