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Racial Justice

Broadway Advocacy Coalition

Physical Accessibility

Seattle Cultural Accessibility Consortium

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For White Theatre Makers- Broadway

We See You, White American Theatre

Accessibility means many things to many people. For ACDP, it's a practical focus on feasibility and comfort: economic, physical, mental, and emotional. At the end of the day, it is all about who can really participate in theatre - which should be EVERYONE! 

As an individual, I do my best to advocate for subsidized tickets, virtual and touring shows, transportation assistance, free or low-cost coaching and classes in various performing arts disciplines. As head of ACDP, I also constantly look for ways to make spaces I am in more comfortable and optimal for everyone at every step of the process: closed captioning, correctly-graded ramps, programs in Braille and specific languages, Intimacy Coordinators, Racial Justice Advocates, translators, and more. I regularly utilize the resources in the box on the left. They are wonderful!

That being said, I am a human who is always learning and makes missteps and mistakes. For specific questions about Accessibility Initiatives, please feel free to reach out.

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