AnnaClaire Day Productions is focused on site-informed pre-existing and devised theatrical pieces,

engaging wider community in artistic spaces, and works that center joy.

A brunette man in a black hawaain shirt with colorful pink and orange flowers and black pants bends slightly at the knee, extending his arms across a woman, laughing at him, in a staw hat and red and green floral patterned dress. He is reaching toward a shopping cart piled high with random items. The background is dark.

 Works In the Works:


As the new mutations of the SARS CoV-2 (Covid-19) virus continue to devastate humanity globally, AnnaClaire Day Productions will continue to explore work in virtual and distanced spaces.

TRAILER PARK is a new YouTube channel that examines the small, prolific art form of film and television trailers. Armed with nine criteria for critique, Nick and AC look at newly released trailers as the art pieces they are. This channel is co-hosted and co-produced with Miramar Digital. Currently releasing once or twice weekly.